Casamari Abbey is a Cistercian abbeyin the Province of Frosinone, Lazio Region, central Italy. It marks the site of Cereatae, the birthplace of Caius Marius, afterwards known, as inscriptions attest, as Cereatae Marianae, having been separated perhaps by the triumvirs, from the territory of Arpinum. In the early Imperial times it was an independent community.
The current Abbot of the Abbey of Casamari, as of 2017, is the Right Reverend Abbot Dom Eugenio Romagnuolo, President of the Cistercian Congregation of Casamari.
The abbey is a fine and very well preserved example of Burgundian early-Gothic architecture(1203-1217), paralleled within Italy only by that of the Abbey of Fossanova. It was declared a National Monumentin 1874.
The abbey has a plan similar to the French contemporary ones, the entrance being a gate with a double arch. The interior has a garden whose central part is occupied by a cloister, of quadrangular shape, with four galleries having a semicylindrical ceiling.
The chapter room has nine spans and four pilaster, and is used for meetings. The church can be accessed from the cloister. It has a basilica plan with a nave and two aisles; the façade has a large external portico, while behind the altar is the choir, added in 1954 and made by Vincenzo Domenico De Donatis from Sora(1886-1969) and his sons. The windows of the church are fitted with sheets of alabaster rather than glass panels.

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