Gaeta is a picturesque coastal town in South Lazio in Central Italy, situated near to the southern border of Lazio and the Campania region. It has a dramatic scenic backdrop the Aurunci Mountains and is surrounded by the deep blue sparkling sea. Gaeta is built on a peninsula which reaches out into the Tyrrhenian Sea.  On one side it encloses the spectacular Gulf of Gaeta, a broad sweep of bay which stretches down towards Naples. On the other is the wide expanse of golden sand of Serapo.
The town has played a conspicuous part in military history; its fortifications date back to Roman times, and it has several traces of the period, including the 1st-century mausoleum of the Roman general Lucius Munatius Plancus at the top of the Monte Orlando.
Gaeta has many interesting places to visit. These include the old Medieval quarterwith its ancient castle. Down by the seafront is the port and harbour and the district of Porto Salvo, once known as Elena. Gaeta has numerous historic churches to visit, not forgetting the beautiful Cathedral of Sant’Erasmo and San Marciano with its Byzantinebell tower.
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