Valvisciolo Abbey is a Cistercian monasteryin the province of Latina, central Italy, near the towns of Sermoneta and Ninfa. It is an example of rigorous Romanesque-Cistercian architecture, considered a masterpiece of that style in central Italy.
The abbey was founded in the 8th century by Greek Basilian monks. It was occupied and restored by the Knights Templarin the 13th century, who after the dissolution of their order were replaced by the Cistercians in 1312-15. The monastery was dissolved in 1807 but was re-settled in 1864 and is still extant.
Pope Pius IXmade two important visits to the abbey in 1863 and 1865, and by his order the community here was re-established, as a priory dependent upon the congregation of Casamari. The abbey continues until today to accommodate Cistercian monks of the same congregation.
The interior of the church consists of a nave and two aisles divided by pilasters and columns. The walls are plain, according to the Cistercian taste. At the end of the north nave is the Chapel of Saint Laurence, painted with frescoes in the years 1586-89 by Niccolò Circignani, known as "il Pomarancio" on commission from Cardinal Enrico Caetani. Over the main entrance portal a rose window can be seen. The cloister, located to the right of the abbey and looking onto the façade, has a brightly coloured garden.

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